How to Measure the Gas Remaining in LPG Cylinders?

Nov. 18, 2022

This article focuses on three methods of measuring LPG gas cylinders.

1. Level measurement - gas cylinder level sensor

2. Temperature measurement - simple temperature test paper

3. Wet cloth measurement - wet cloth wrap test

Bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is one of the important living materials, and its net content has been one of the hot issues of concern to the community. On the one hand, because it is a flammable and explosive product, it needs to meet the safety requirements first, and then the measurement requirements. Too little filling volume will not cause harm to consumers, and too much filling volume will not be a safety hazard. On the other hand, because it is a gas-liquid two-phase cargo, it is not easy to carry out metering inspection.

12L LPG Cylinder

1. Liquid Level Measurement

Gas cylinder level sensor level indicator is a device to measure the remaining liquid level of LPG cylinder.

It has the following advantages.

Non-invasive measurement. Do not open the tank. True external non-contact level measurement.

Can be connected to cell phone via Bluetooth to view the remaining liquid level in the cylinder via APP or LED light.

Simple installation. The sensor is fixed to the bottom of the gas cylinder by magnet.

Automatic liquid level alarm. The gas cylinder level sensor automatically alerts when the gas in the propane cylinder is about to run out.

Fast and accurate measurement of gas levels in kilograms and percentages.

Maintenance free.

2. Weighing Measurement

The amount of LPG remaining in the cylinder is determined by the weighing method.

This method is simple, but has many disadvantages.

Irregular setting of cylinder self-weight can affect the weighing error.

Poor implementation of filling volume regulations, there is a short give weight phenomenon, damaging the interests of consumers.

No implementation of residual liquid recovery (extraction of residual liquid) work.

This behavior will affect the safety of use and may make the net content of the next refill misplaced, and the phenomenon of residual liquid in the cylinder sold as LPG.

3. Wet Cloth Measurement

First, you have to wrap a wet cloth around the cylinder and wait for about 1 minute. When the time is up, remove the rag and notice the changes in the cylinder after a while. You will notice that some parts of the cylinder will dry out, while some parts will stay wet. This will happen because the empty part of the cylinder is very hot and the water is quickly absorbed. And the part of the cylinder that is filled with gas is still a bit cold and it takes some time for the water in that area to dry out.

This method is simple and fast, easy to operate, and the measurement results are more accurate.

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