CNG Storage Skid Container

We can provide CNG Tube Skid Container in different sizes. Special impact testing is performed to guarantee the strength and durability of our CNG containers. In this way, we can ensure that the CNG Tube Skid Container we provide to our customers is safe and reliable.


CNG pipe skids and trailers can supply CNG to sub-stations, and can also be used to transport natural gas for household use. It provides an effective natural gas transportation method, which is a supplement to the pipeline transportation method. Our CNG tube skid or tube trailer has the following features.

1. Small footprint, easy to use

2. Adopt high-quality imported valves

3. Advanced production technology, excellent equipment, and feasible quality assurance system

4. Standard ISO container lock and frame for easy transportation.

5. The CNG tube trailer achieves optimized working pressure and has the largest road carrying capacity.

The CNG Tube Skid Container can supply CNG to NGV stations, industrial plants, power plants or domestic use.

CNG Storage Skid Container is a gas storage device assembled with gas storage cylinders in the urban gas transmission and distribution system.

As a trusted supplier of CNG skid container for gas stations, we specialize in providing robust and certified pressure vessels tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the industry. Our state-of-the-art containers are engineered with precision, ensuring optimal safety, durability, and efficiency in storing and distributing compressed natural gas at gas stations. Contact us.

The size usually is 10ft 20ft 30ft 40ft containers.It also be customized according to your requirements.

Certification: TPED ADR.

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