CNG Storage Skid Container

Medium: Compressed natural gas/ CNG

Capacity(L): 480-36400L

Work Pressure(MPa): 15/20/25MPa

We provide customized services

24 months warranty.


Description of CNG Loading Skid

A CNG storage skid container is a mobile storage unit designed to store compressed natural gas. It typically consists of a series of high-pressure gas storage tanks housed within a metal frame or container. The tanks are connected to a control system and a dispensing system, allowing the CNG to be dispensed as a fuel for vehicles. CNG storage skid containers are often used at fueling stations, as well as for transporting and temporarily storing CNG for various industrial and commercial applications. They offer a convenient and flexible solution for CNG storage, as they can be easily relocated as needed.

Our CNG storage skid container is the perfect solution for businesses and organizations looking to transition to clean energy. With its compact design, the container can be easily installed in any location, providing a secure and efficient storage solution for compressed natural gas. Built with durable materials, the skid container offers long-lasting performance, ensuring reliable access to clean energy. With a range of customizable features, including dispenser options and tank sizes, it's easy to find a solution that fits your specific needs.

Benifit of CNG Loading Skid

● Our CNG loading skid has the characteristics of large filling capacity, light weight and high cost performance;

● High safety: the bottle material has good plasticity and toughness, uniform stress and reasonable stress distribution;

● There are safety discharge devices at both ends of the bottle. When abnormal conditions such as overpressure and fire occur, the safety relief device will automatically work to ensure the safety of property and personnel.

Make the switch to sustainable energy today with our CNG storage skid container.

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Specification Table for CNG Loading Skid

ModelMediumWork Pressure(MPa)Capacity(L)Gas StorageVolume(m3)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)
219-40-12Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ar, Hydrogen15480901030* 790*1840750
CNG 232-35-6CNG20210531500* 580*990330
CNG 232-35-12CNG204201061500*840*1225590
CNG 279-80-4CNG20320801900*675*930470
CNG 279-80-6CNG204801211900*675* 1040675
CNG 279-80-8CNG206401611900*950* 1000880
CNG 279-80-9CNG207201811900*950* 1040985
CNG 279-80-10CNG208002011900*950*11501090
CNG 279-80-12CNG209602421900*950*12501300
CNG 279-80-15CNG2012003021900*950*15301650
CNG 279-90-4CNG20360902080* 950*930515
CNG 279-90-6CNG205401362080*950* 1040740
CNG 279-90-9CNG208102042080*950* 10001080
CNG 279-90-12CNG2010802722080*950*12501425
CNG 279-90-15CNG2013503402080*950* 15301805
CNG 406-212-4CNG208482132300*920* 1080995
CNG 406-212-6CNG2012723202300*920* 15201450
CNG 406-212-8CNG2016964272300*1430*14702110
CNG 406-212-9CNG2019084802350* 1430* 15202345
CNG 406-212-12CNG2025446412350** 1840*15203045
CNG 406-212-16CNG2033928542350* 1840* 19303960
CNG 406- -212- -24CNG20508812822800*2438*24387710

CNG 406- 212- -48

CNG 406- -212-75CNG201590040066000*2438*259018940

Specification Table for ISO11119 & TPED CNG Storage Skid Container

ModelMediumWork Pressure(MPa)Capacity(L)Gas StorageVolume(m3)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)


  • Q: Are you manufacturer or trade company?

    A: We are a Chinese manufacturer, and have been specializing in manufacturing gas cylinders for more than 10 years.

  • Q: Can you offer free samples for inspection?

    A: Sure. We can help to supply 1-2 pieces free sample for testing by charging freight and we would return the full refund once we received formal order.

  • Q: What is your normally payment terms?

    A: T/T and L/C are all accepted.

  • Q: How about the quality guarantee?

    A: We allow 3rd party inspections before shipment (on buyer's account) And we can supply certificate of quality accordingly.

  • Q: How long is your warranty?

    A: The products carry 24 months warranty

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