Seamless Steel Cylinder

Industrial Gas Cylinder is made of materials such as high-strength steel or aluminum

Industrial gases have important properties that necessitate robust storage and supply methods. To be stored in cylinders, gases such as argon, helium, oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen need to be compressed at standard pressures of up to 300 bar.

Gas is usually stored in cylinders at a lower temperature. Cylinders loaded with acetylene contain a porous mass in which the gas is held in a carrier solvent. These industrial cylinders are heavy and require careful handling. Cylinders are fitted with tested valves to ensure safety and control the flow pressure of the stored gas. The external thread of the valve is stipulated by international standards. Only use and sell regulators that meet safety standards. Our industrial gas cylinders are durable enough to withstand rough handling during shipping. They are safe for use in food and beverage technology, medical laboratories, specialty gas environments, and more.

Precautions for industrial gas cylinders:

● All cylinders should be protected against excessive heat absorption.

● Cylinders for portable use should be transported on a suitable trolley and securely fastened to it, or transported safely if working conditions so require. All cylinders in use should be securely mounted on a sturdy fixed or portable stand or placed where they will not be dropped or knocked over. If there is a valve protective cap, it should be installed in place before moving, transporting or storing the cylinder.

● Cylinders raised or lowered by a crane, hoist or boom must be handled in a suitable hanger, net or hopper box and must not be lifted using magnets or rope or chain slings.

The selection of industrial cylinders is based on the following requirements:

· Work pressure

· test pressure

· Manufacturing Standards

· Neck thread details

· Color coding

· Certification requirements

We have two certified standards (ISO9809, GB5099) for industrial gas cylinders for you to choose from.

· Cylinder capacity

We can supply industrial gas cylinders from 18L to 190L.

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